How to Embed Exploded Parts Diagrams in Webstore Categories

Do you want to add exploded parts diagrams, dynamically linked to your categorized products, and enabling your webstore users to easily find the spare parts they need?   Check out this video How to Embed Exploded Parts Diagrams in Web Store Categories and then get in touch for assistance.

How to Configure Abandoned Cart Emails with Brevo

With Brevo, you can set up abandoned cart emails that remind your web store users that they have items in their cart awaiting purchase. Brevo is a digital marketing platform that allows you to do email marketing, create landing pages, build signup forms, and much more. With their automation features, as well as a bit […]

How to Do a Price Search in Sage X3

Whenever you have pricing issues on your web store, it is always helpful to send us screenshots from X3’s Price Search screen. In the video below, we’ll show you how. Please note that your X3 may be organized differently. If you are unable to locate the Price Search screen, please reach out to your internal […]

How to Delete Pre Authorizations (Preauths) from commercebuild Payments

It is possible to delete pre-authorizations (e.g. if they have expired) from commercebuild payments. Steps Open commercebuild Payments and login. Go to Maintenance in the menu bar. Click Pre Authorisations. Enter your username and password. Check the checkbox in the Delete column for the authorizations you wish to remove. Once you’ve selected all of the […]

How to Set up Order Terms and Conditions

If you want to require your customers to agree to order terms and conditions, the web store offers this functionality in the final step of the checkout process. Watch the video and/or follow the steps below to get Orders Terms & Conditions set up on your store. Enable Required Labels First, go to System > […]

How to Enable reCAPTCHA on Registration Forms

reCAPTCHA is an important way to prevent spam registration on your web store. To learn how you can enable reCAPTCHA on your user registration forms, please see the video below. Not Seeing reCAPTCHA? If you’re not seeing the reCAPTCHA input on your forms, be sure that the field is “always enabled”. To do this, click […]

How to Enable Multilanguage

Multilanguage allows you to translate your web store into several languages. If your company is global and needs to communicate with audiences that speak multiple languages, this is a must-use module. Video Overview Getting Started If you have not used Multilanguage on your web store, it is likely that it is not yet enabled. To […]