Restricting characters in fields at checkout

There may be times where you need to restrict certain characters from being entered into fields at checkout. Perhaps you want to disallow special characters in the PO Number field, or only allow numerals to be entered into the phone number field. In this guide we will share a few examples of how that can […]

Controlling Access to Specific Product Categories

Through the commercebuild web store there is a way to restrict access to specific categories of products through the user group level. In this guide we will review how that is done. Prepare the category You must first either create the new restricted category, or identify which category already exists that you intend to use. […]

How to Configure Regional Availability and Pricing (RAAP) in Google Merchant Center

Regional Availability and Pricing allows you to show availability of a product at a specific warehouse location for a B2C/guest user, which may be different from the default locations set in your B2C/Public settings. This may be necessary so that Google displays region-specific stock availability and pricing (based on the warehouse). In this guide, we’ll […]

How to Add Custom Fields to Product, Category, Search and Cart Pages

Product Custom Fields are required and a billable add-on. If Custom Fields are not accessible under Catalog > Product Settings, please contact us so that we can assist you further. Create Your Custom Fields Your custom fields can be configured by navigating to “Catalog → Product Settings → Custom Fields” Press the “Add New Custom […]

Google Address Auto Complete

If you are finding it problematic that customers are accidentally entering incorrect address details at checkout, you might benefit from our free store add-on Google Address Auto Complete. With it, potentially matching addresses will be supplied by Google for users to select from, helping to ensure that the correct details are submitted. Enabling this feature […]

How to use PunchOut

commercebuild PunchOut is a billable add-on. Please reach out to us if you would like this feature enabled for your web store. commercebuild’s PunchOut technology can be used to integrate with platforms, such as TradeCentric or Greenwing. However, it is possible that you’d like to leverage our PunchOut technology for another purpose. In this guide, […]

Targeting specific user groups with CSS or JavaScript

There may be times when you want to customize your store in some way for specific users, depending on which group a user is assigned to. Perhaps you want to use CSS to hide a button for one user group, but display the button for others. Or perhaps you want to trigger a JavaScript function […]

How to Enable reCAPTCHA on Custom Forms

In order to enable reCAPTCHA on Custom Forms, go to your web store Dashboard, click System > Features > B2c (Public), and toggle Enable Form Captcha to ON. To verify that the reCAPTCHA is working, go to the page with the custom form as a Guest user and verify its presence: Note that logged in users […]

Adding a custom message to the shipping step at checkout

There might be times that you want to display a custom message in the shipping step at checkout. For example: You can achieve this with a little JavaScript placed under “System → Modules → Custom Tags”. You will want to be sure that you select the options “Position: Footer” and “Page Type: Cart”. Once that […]

How to configure Stripe as a payment method

This guide will walk you through the steps to configure Stripe as a payment method in your web store. A prerequisite is that you already have a Stripe account. Obtain Your API Keys Log into your Stripe account and navigate to https://dashboard.stripe.com/apikeys. First decide if you want your account in “Test Mode” (for testing purposes). […]