How To Enable Default Product Display View

By default the products on Category Listing pages are displayed in Grid view. The setting to modify the view can be found in your Admin Dashboard under System > Features. Select B2C (Public) from the dropdown and locate a setting Default Product Display Mode. Choose any of the available modes and click Update to save […]

Rename Add To Cart Button For Out Of Stock Products

When a product goes out of stock and cannot be added to cart, you have an option to modify the label of Add to Cart button to show a more descriptive text. Modify label In your admin dashboard, navigate to System > Features. Select B2C from the dropdown. Locate and enable Show Out of Stock […]

How To Set up Filters In Admin Panel

Filters are paramount to enhanced user experience, increased product views and high conversion rate in your web store. With filters, users are able to shortlist a product based on their parameters, which not only eliminate the need for numerous searches but also makes the purchase and checkout process faster. Enable Filters In your admin dashboard, […]

How To Assign Filters To Products

Once you have set up filters in your web store, you are now ready to begin assigning filters to products. To start, navigate to Catalog > Products. Edit Product On General tab, scroll down to locate Filters Settings section. It shows all the custom filters that you have set up. Clicking on any of them will show […]

How To Edit One Page Checkout Form

One Page Checkout form appears when a guest user add items to cart and proceeds to checkout. The form has fields to enter billing/shipping addresses; you can modify the form to include fields to suit your business needs. Getting Started Go to your admin dashboard and navigate to System > Modules > User Registration. Scroll […]

How to Add Item Surcharges

It is possible to add an item surcharge in the web store. In order to add item surcharges, navigate to System > Shipping Setup > Item Settings. Note that the item charges will be added to the cost of shipping. So, for example, if USPS returns a rate of $30.00 based on weight and the […]

How to Configure and Manage Product Units of Measure

The units of measure for each of your products need to be enabled in the web store in order for your customers to add the items to their carts. You can enable multiple units of measure for products, as well as enable only certain units of measure for B2B and B2C users. Navigate to Product […]

How to Stop commercebuild Services on Your Server

Whether you’re conducting an upgrade or troubleshooting an issue, you may need to temporarily stop the commercebuild services on you server: the XM Symphony Client and commercebuild agent Services. This guide will show you how to stop them, as well as modify their startup type, if necessary. Go to Services Services can be located by […]

How to Unassign a Product from a Category

Once you assign products to a category, you may at some point decide to unassign those products from their categories. If you wish to unassign a product from several categories at once, see Batch Unassignment. Category Management and Scope To unassign a product from a category, navigate to Catalog > Categories. Once there, be sure […]

Enable Editable Item Description

The Editable Item Description feature allows you to override the Sage item description and set your own in the web store. To enable this feature, go to System > Features and toggle ON Editable Item Description. Note that this appears as a B2B only feature, but it will be enabled for B2C as well. Edit […]