Useful CSS Classes for Content

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to managing, positioning, and structuring your content; however, what if you need to style the content, outside of the formatting that’s available in the “Content Module,” and you don’t know CSS? Luckily, we have CSS classes, included with all our design templates, that extends your capacity […]

How To Show Category Description

You may like to show an additional information about your categories when a user lands on category pages. This information can be a descriptive text, an image or a carousel of images representing your category. For example: Descriptive text Image   Getting Started In your admin dashboard, navigate to Catalog > Categories. Click Edit for […]

Managing Product Images

Product images can really add visual appeal to your webstore. By uploading strong images for your products your customers will not only be able to see what your products look like but it can also give personality and color to an otherwise plain category or product page. Preparing product images Upload product images How to […]

Populate product tabs with content

It’s a good idea to start with one item and keep the front end product page of it open in another window so you can view your changes as you go along. You can then see if you like the configuration of your tabs and really nail down how you’d like your information to display […]

Product tabs and their placement

Product tabs are what house most of the content you can place on any product page. They are called “tabs” because, in the eCommerce Console, they appear as tabbed Content Editors. In the front end, however, you can display these tabs in different ways; on their own as a “standalone” and/or as tabs as well. […]

What is Product Management?

Product management is the maintenance of your products and product pages within your webstore. Some information will be maintained in your ERP system which is separate to the management of your products in your webstore. ERP item data is replicated every few minutes and this data includes the item code, item description, item price, unit […]

Order Queue

Receiving orders is the reason you have launched a webstore in the first place, so it’s important to understand the processes of how orders pull into your eCommerce store and how you can manage them. ERP Orders The ERP Orders page, found under Sales in the Control Panel, is where you will find an overview […]

Managing Related Items

Adding related items to a product page is one of the most common cross-sell features of any webstore. Related items could be complimentary or alternate items to the one that a user is currently looking at and you’ll be able to assign one or more to any given product. They’ll be displayed on the product […]

Configuring the Store Locator

What is a Store Locator It shows the location of different stores in your area within an interactive map. Set up 1) Before you can start using the Store Locator module you need to set up the Google API. Go to Admin > System > Site Settings > Scroll to the bottom and find Google API […]