Why Address Line 1 is non-editable?

While checking out of the webstore, if you notice Address line 1 field is non-editable and appears as shown below: It would mean that you have Google Address Auto Complete enabled but either: your API key is longer valid or you don’t have Maps, Places, and/or Geocoding API services enabled in your Google account. Please […]

How to Grey Cloud (Deactivate Proxy) at Cloudflare

Cloudflare is an excellent tool to improve the performance of your web store. However, in some cases, it might conflict with admin operations in the store. For example, Cloudflare enforces limits on how long an HTTP request can run. This is good practice, but some HTTP processes on the web store need to run for […]

How to Do a Price Search in Sage X3

Whenever you have pricing issues on your web store, it is always helpful to send us screenshots from X3’s Price Search screen. In the video below, we’ll show you how. Please note that your X3 may be organized differently. If you are unable to locate the Price Search screen, please reach out to your internal […]

How to Provide Us With TeamViewer Access

TeamViewer allows commercebuild employees to have temporary access to your server or workstation in order to troubleshoot issues with our software. In this article, we will show you how to provide us the access we need to assist you. Download TeamViewer Go here to download TeamViewer for your device. Once downloaded, follow the set up […]

Suspicious B2C Registrations On The Webstore

If you notice suspicious B2C registrations occurring on your webstore, then it could be bots creating those spurious accounts. To tackle the situation, enable reCAPTCHA on the user registration form. In your admin dashboard, navigate to System > Modules > User Registration. Click Edit for Registration Form and follow our tutorial on How To Edit Registration Form […]

How to Stop commercebuild Services on Your Server

Whether you’re conducting an upgrade or troubleshooting an issue, you may need to temporarily stop the commercebuild services on you server: the XM Symphony Client and commercebuild agent Services. This guide will show you how to stop them, as well as modify their startup type, if necessary. Go to Services Services can be located by […]

Spreadsheet Import Error: “Headers were not valid”

If you observe the error Headers were not valid when importing a spreadsheet into the web store, this usually indicates that: There are either more columns of data than expected and/or There is extraneous data outside of the main columns Be sure your import matches the original export from the web store. Additionally, try deleting […]