Errors seen when posting orders

You might occasionally see error details when the web store attempts to post orders to your ERP unsuccessfully. Some of these errors are detailed in this article. {Customer Number} : Inactive Order: EXCEPTION: No Pool: {POOL NAME} Insert Order: O/E Options. Record has been modified by another program. Access to this Product unauthorized (Not usable) […]

Debugging ERP server → web store connection issues

If your web store is experiencing connection issues with your ERP server there are a few troubleshooting steps that you can take. IP Allowlist Port Forwarding Firewall Settings Test the SSH connection TCP/IP SQL Browser Service Check Port Connections Windows Events Viewer Sync Agent Logs IP Allowlist Ensure the IPs from the following guide are […]

Error when adding a new user: Email is already in use

If you are attempting to add a new user to your web store and you receive the following error: Error Email is already in use. Please enter new one. Username has been taken. Please choose other names. This means that the email address or username is already in use on another web store account. Please […]

System Notification: Product is no longer available

The notification “Product XYZ is no longer available and has been removed from the cart for user” occurs for the following reasons:   Stock Unavailability The item may have been in stock when it was added to the cart but while placing an order if the system detects that it is no longer in […]

How to Check a Price in Sage 300

If there is a price discrepancy on a Sage 300 web store, our team will request that you show the price for the item(s) in question through Order Entry in Sage 300. To provide us this information, open Sage 300, click Order Entry > O/E Transactions > Order Entry: Once in Order Entry, enter the […]

General troubleshooting of display issues

If a page or function on the web store is not displaying/behaving as expected, here are some general steps you can take to try to troubleshoot the issue. Check from a different browser There are times when a browser’s cache can affect the functionality of a site. A browser’s add-on extensions as well might interfere. […]

Error When Uploading Images

Occasionally when uploading images to the webstore you may encounter the error Error: Bad Request. This is typically due to the image being too large or corrupted in some way. When adding images to the webstore please keep these requirements in mind: The maximum file size for image uploads is 10 MB. Only image files […]

Paya Connect Desktop Client Not Running

If you are seeing errors under /admin/Msystem_notifications regarding Paya Connect Desktop (Sage Exchange Desktop) Client Not Running, here are the steps to get that running again. Open Symphony Client on the server and ensure that the “Enable Paya Integration” box is ticked under the “Sage 300” tab. Then stop and restart the service. You can […]