Suspicious B2C Registrations On The Webstore

If you notice suspicious B2C registrations occurring on your webstore, then it could be bots creating those spurious accounts. To tackle the situation, enable reCAPTCHA on user registration form. In your admin dashboard, navigate to System > Modules > User Registration. Click Edit for Registration Form and follow our tutorial on How To Edit Registration Form to […]

Spreadsheet Import Error: “Headers were not valid”

If you observe the error Headers were not valid when importing a spreadsheet into the web store, this usually indicates that 1) there are either more columns of data than expected and/or 2) extraneous data that outside of the main columns. Be sure your import matches the original export from the web store. Additionally, try […]

Customer: Failed to update Sage CRM with customer number

If you receive the following error message while processing an order: <<*>>ERROR MESSAGES (response)|*|Customer: Failed to update Sage CRM with customer number ‘WEB00XXXX’, named ‘Starbucks’. Specific error: System.InvalidOperationException: There is an error in XML document (1, 3510). —> First attempt to restart your server. If that does not resolve the issue, please contact commercebuild Customer […]

Orders Stuck in “Queued” Processing Status

From time to time, an order may become stuck in the Queued processing status. This can occur for various reasons. The fastest way to remedy this issue is to Cancel the order that is stuck in the Processing processing status. Upon clicking Cancel, the order will moved into Failed processing status and allow the remaining […]

Unable to add a variant option for child variant products

If you are unable to add a variant option for you child variant products, then check the status of a product for which you are adding a variant option. In other words, if a product is Inactive on a web store then the system will not allow to add a variant option for that product. […]

Why images are not showing for variant swatches?

If your variant product has swatches to show various options and images are not loading for them, then ensure that Variant Images checkbox is not unchecked. In your admin dashboard, navigate to Catalog > Product Variations > Variant Options. Locate a variant option for which swatches are not showing images. Click Edit and check the […]

Unable to search products using Barcode information

If you are entering a product’s barcode in a Search field and are not getting results, then a setting to allow a product search based on barcodes needs to be enabled. In your admin dashboard, navigate to catalog > Product Settings > Elasticsearch. Under Search Configuration tab, locate a button product – commodityNumber and toggle […]