IP Allowlist

The following IP addresses (and any applicable ranges) should be allowlisted to ensure commercebuild web stores can function properly. Please choose the IPs to allowlist based on the location of the web store server. The IPs under All Web Stores should be allowlisted regardless of server location. All Web Stores […]

WordPress.com Blog Integration FAQs

A blog can be an important sales and marketing component of your web store, and WordPress is a great tool to manage it. commercebuild offers an integration to easily import your blog posts from WordPress.com, which hosts the WordPress CMS. In this article, we’ll go over some of the common questions our clients ask about […]

How to Add Days to Purchase Order ETA

After modifying from where the purchase order ETAs are pulled, you may want to add more days to the estimated time of arrival. To do this, navigate to System > Site Settings > Adds Days to PO ETA. Finally, add the number of days, and click Apply.

What do the quantity calculations mean?

Via the Dashboard in System > Site Settings > Stock & Dimension Settings¬† > Qty Available Calculation, you can select how your product inventory is calculated on the web store. Imagine the following: You have 5 units of an item in stock. You have 5 more units on purchase order. A customer has placed an […]

Custom URLs for Product Permalinks

By default, your product permalinks are created by appending the item code to the item description, both of which come from your ERP. However, if you’d like to use custom URLs rather than the system-generated URLs as your product permalinks, you can enable Custom URLs. To enable them, go to System > Features and toggle […]

How to Delete or Deactivate Promo Codes

There are two ways to prevent a promo code from being used by your customers. Delete the Promo Code The promo code can be fully deleted from the system. That said, please note that this will also delete it from the promotions Reports section (Promotions > Reports). Make the Promo Code Inactive Expiring a promo […]