How to 301 Redirect an Additional Domain to a Web Store Domain

Your web store can have one primary domain and several non-primary domains that 301 redirect to the primary domain. Subdomains If your domain is a subdomain, e.g. www.domain.com or sub.domain.com, these domains can be pointed to a CNAME record using your web store domain, e.g. mystore.store.commercebuild.com. (note: older stores may be using our previous domain […]

Sync 1 vs. Sync 2

commercebuild has recently begun upgrading web stores from Sync 1 to Sync 2, which is our improved replication software that keeps your web store up-to-date with your ERP. In this article, we’ll go over some of the advantages of Sync 2, as well as a couple of the upcoming features. Sync 2 Advantages Sync 2 […]

About Elasticsearch

What is Elasticsearch Elasticsearch is a caching mechanism which allows your customers to access a variety of different data points quickly and efficiently. Support for Elasticsearch commercebuild continues to build in support for Elasticsearch into the platform, including automatic reindexing when certain events occur in your store. For example, when you modify a content page, […]

Sage Alerts & Workflow

Sage Alerts & Workflow is a standalone application that will allow you to set up alerts for certain events in your Sage 300 ERP. For example, if you wanted to email customers notifications about the status of their orders — once they’ve been shipped or delivered, for example — Sage Alerts & Workflow can help […]

How to View 404s in Google Search Console

You may want to view all pages on your site that Google can crawl which also 404. To achieve this, make sure you have added your website to Google Search Console. Once it’s added, you can then monitor for 404 pages. In Google Search Console: Click “Coverage” Click “Excluded” Add a filter for “Type” Set […]

How to Enable reCAPTCHA on Checkout Pages

To enable reCATPCHA on checkout pages, go to your Dashboard, and click System > Features. Once in Features, you will automatically land on the B2B Features. You can enable reCAPTCHA for B2B users by toggling ON Enable Captcha at Checkout. Once enabled for B2B users, scroll to the top of the page and click B2C […]

IP Allowlist

The following IP addresses should be allowlisted to ensure commercebuild web stores can function properly. Please choose the IPs to allowlist based on the location of the web store server. The port numbers that need to be allowed/forwarded for incoming and outgoing traffic are 8085 and 8060. NOTE: Please allow the staging IP addresses that […]

WordPress.com Blog Integration FAQs

A blog can be an important sales and marketing component of your web store, and WordPress is a great tool to manage it. commercebuild offers an integration to easily import your blog posts from WordPress.com, which hosts the WordPress CMS. In this article, we’ll go over some of the common questions our clients ask about […]

How to Add Days to Purchase Order ETA

After modifying from where the purchase order ETAs are pulled, you may want to add more days to the estimated time of arrival. To do this, navigate to System > Site Settings > Adds Days to PO ETA. Finally, add the number of days, and click Apply.