Paya Issues

21:35 UTC, August 10 - We received a report from one of our customers in communication with Paya that the issue had been caused by something on their end. They had rolled out an enhancement of some kind but have now since rolled it back. We are tentatively hopeful that the issue will be resolved going forward but we will continue to monitor the situation and will update this post if we obtain any further details.

18:43 UTC, August 2 - On July 28, we received a report from a Sage 300 customer who experienced issues with a preauthorization (Internal ref # 161933000051612) . Considering the timeline, we suspect this occurred as a result of the issue described in this post. commercebuild is unable to assist directly with this issue. When we call Paya, they ask for merchant IDs and account verification, which we are unable to provide. As such, if you believe you are experiencing this problem, please reach out to Paya Support. It is our understanding that they may have reopened ticket # 93CD4D, which was created last year in regards to a similar issue.

18:00 UTC - We have received reports of issues with the Paya payment gateway on our platform. At this time, we've only seen evidence of this issue involving web stores using our Paya integration for Sage X3 (Sage Exchange (Paya Sage X3)). At this time, we do not have evidence that sites using our Paya Connect or Sage 300 integrations are affected. However, we cannot rule out the possibility. Payments that seem to be affected are those for web orders as well as invoices. We've seen duplicate preauthorizations as well as failed transactions. We're sharing this information with our customer base in case others are having similar issues. If you believe you are experiencing this issue, please reach out to Paya Support.


The issue seems to have begun in the evening on July 25 at or around 20:11 Eastern time (i.e. July 26 at 00:12 UTC), affecting sites in our North America region. When this issue was initially reported to us, we considered the possibility that it may be related to our release of 4.68 on the evening of July 24. However, considering that we're seeing errors logged almost hourly since the error first appeared, we deem a release-related issue unlikely because almost an entire day passed between the release and the first occurrence of the error. Additionally, no work was done on this payment gateway in our previous release. As such, for now we have ruled out the possibility of a platform issue due to lack of evidence.

At this time, we can only see that X3 sites are affected. However, given how our integration works with Sage 300, we cannot rule out that a Sage 300 web store would be affected by this issue as well.

The responses and errors we're seeing on our end are similar to the issue we saw in August 2022.


As was the case then, the issue that we're seeing now involves incorrect responses from the Paya API service. Specifically, these are the issues we've observed thus far:

  • We're seeing cases where transactions are flagged as a DUPLICATE TRANS, even though the transaction ostensibly has never been attempted previously; this specifically occurred in August 2022. Moreover, subsequent attempts for the same transaction seem to be processed correctly.
  • Duplicate preauthorizations for the same order and the same amount.
  • Invalid responses from the Paya API services. For the end-user impacted by these issues, they would likely see error messages that the payment could not be processed.

Affected Sites

We've seen Paya related errors for the following webstores (all Sage X3) hosted on our platform, all beginning in the evening (Eastern time) of July 25:

  • www.den****car******.com
  • shop.impress******.com
  • commercial.****.ca

Note that the list above may not cover all affected web stores. As previously noted, our integration for Sage X3 works very differently from our integration with Sage 300. As such, we do not have the same insight for Sage 300 web stores. If your company uses Paya to process payments, we encourage you to review your transaction logs with them to ensure that there are no issues.


If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. That said, if you do believe you're affected, please contact Paya Support for further assistance with this issue.