Paya Transaction Errors

19:30 UTC - Paya has updated their status site: 3:10pm EST - we see no additional errors after 3pm.

We are receiving reports from our customers that the errors seem to have resolved.

17:55 UTC - Paya has posted the following update to their status site: "1:14pm EST -1 Server is being rebooted now, which will fully resolve the issue. Server was rebooted at approximately 12:55pm and should be operational within 30 minutes."

17:50 UTC - We have received additional reports from customers that indicate this issue might be affecting not only Sage X3 customers on our platform, but Sage 300 customers as well. Additionally, while we have not received new information from Paya on the status of ticket # 93CD4D, a commercebuild customer reported to us that Paya is aware of the issue and does not currently have an ETA.

16:45 UTC - While at this time we don't have reason to believe that this is an issue with commercebuild's integration, our development team will investigate the matter while we await a response from Paya Support.

13:02 UTC - We contacted Paya Support. They have requested additional response codes/logging for other web stores affected by this issue. We will be forwarding this information to them shortly. The ticket reference for this issue at Paya is 93CD4D.

13:44 UTC - We are aware of issues with the Paya payment gateway. Web store users trying to process a payment on a web store using Paya in North America may see the following error message:

As far as we can tell, these errors began on August 2 around midnight UTC, or 20:00 U.S. Eastern time. There have been no production updates to the platform since last Wednesday, July 27.

We have reached out to Paya for further assistance and are investigating internally.