Release 4.69

August 9, 10:30 UTC - In the evening of August 7, commercebuild upgraded web stores in North America and Europe to 4.69. The 4.69 release will be available in our Australia region as soon as possible.

August 2, 22:03 UTC - The commercebuild platform in staging was upgraded to 4.69 at 03:00 UTC today, August 2. Usually, our staging release occurs late Sunday evening, early Monday morning. However, due to issues, the release to staging was delayed. Therefore, our usual release schedule may be altered to ensure ample testing has taken place. With each release, it is of paramount importance to us that they go smoothly, with the least possible impact on your business and customers. At this time, we are unable to say for certain when the release will occur in our Australia, Europe and North America regions. However, we will update this post when the releases have gone out to each region.

If you experience any issues with your web store at any time, we're ready to help. Just send us an email via support[@], and we'll be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Web stores that were affected by any issues fixed in 4.69 will be updated in the corresponding tickets/conversations.

This is a list of issues that are to be resolved:

  • Include view_item event in GA4 dataLayer
    • Intercom: 161933000048265, 161933000049553
    • Internal: XMECOM-10131
  • Free Shipping Still Given When Subtotal Is Discounted Below Threshold
    • Intercom: 161933000047166, 161933000047478
    • Internal: XMECOM-10076
  • "Partially Shipped" Orders Showing As "Processing" in Order History
    • Intercom: 161933000050165, 161933000051194
    • Internal: XMECOM-10151
  • Stock on Hand Not Respected for Variant Within Configurator Product
    • Intercom: 161933000048482
    • Internal: XMECOM-10100
  • Configurator to support get cart API after importing a configurator file.
    • Intercom: 161933000050568
    • Internal: UN-885
  • Sage X3 Tracking Links Not Visible
    • Intercom: 161933000050095, 161933000050165, 161933000051194
    • Internal: XMECOM-10143
  • Allow Setting of paymentTransactionType / ECMPAYTYP (e.g. RECCC)
    • Intercom: 161933000050107, 161933000050672
    • Internal: PDECOM-2744
  • Customers Not Loading
    • Intercom: 161933000051491, 161933000050740
  • transactionShipping' is equal to 'transactionTax' in dataLayer
    • Intercom: 161933000050332, 161933000050723
    • Internal: XMECOM-10157
  • Deleted order is not removed from the Order Queue
    • Intercom: 161933000050159
    • Internal: XMECOM-10150
  • Gtag Purchase Event Data Not Properly Escaping Apostrophes
    • Intercom: 161933000049643, 161933000050316
    • Internal: XMECOM-10156
  • PO ETA Dates Not Being Updated Correctly On Frontend and Confirmation E-mails
    • Intercom: 161933000046112
    • Internal: PDECOM-2754