URGENT: Issues with “Copying Pages from Dealer to Public”

00:00 UTC - A hot fix was released for this to all environments and this should no longer be an issue.

16:47 UTC - If you experience this issue, one way to resolve it is to copy each page individually, rather than copying them all. Regarding the issue, our development team is reviewing it currently. As soon as we have an ETA for a fix, we'll update this post. Thank you for your patience.

14:54 UTC - We are aware of an issue affecting all sites on our platform when using the "Copying Pages from Dealer to Public" under Content Management. Please do not use this functionality as it will result in your B2C site becoming unavailable.  "Copy All Brands and Categories from Dealer to Public" under Catalog > Categories does not seem affected, but we would encourage you to avoid all copying functionality to B2C until our development team can confirm the issue is resolved.