Product Information Not Displayed after 4.61 Release

May 8 - After additional fixes, we now believe this issue to be resolved. The reason this issue occurred was due to a bug fix that had a work-around in place to get around it. As a result of the bug fix, the work-around ceased to function, leading to several issues. Additionally, the fix resulted in other issues, particularly with product tabs. More testing should have been done before the fix was released to our production environments. Ultimately, we underestimated the impact and did not test efficiently. This will not occur in the future.

19:46 UTC | April 19 - Our development team continues to assess the impact of this issue. We are working quickly and thoughtfully to resolve it as soon as possible. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

16:31 UTC | April 18 - After the 4.61 release to our production environments in North America and Europe, we have received reports of product information not being displayed on some sites. At this point, all reports involve data in the Product Tabs. While the data in the database is not impacted, it may not be displaying correctly on the front-end. We are reviewing the issues on a case-by-case basis currently. If you find that information on your product pages is missing, please submit a ticket via support[@] so that we can review. Throughout the day, commercebuild will also be reviewing sites manually in order to proactively resolve any issues we may find. We will update this post with more details on what happened and what steps we're taking to prevent this from happening in the future.