Sync Issues Affecting Sage Web Stores

November 24 - Most of the significant issues related to Sync 2 replication should be resolved at this point. Some minor issues remain, but those will be resolved soon. If you have any questions, please reach out to support[@] Thank you!

21:20 UTC, November 1 - We are still seeing intermittent sync issues for some web stores. These stores are mostly Sage X3 web stores, but we have seen issues on Sage 300 web stores as well. We are working toward resolution of this issue and will keep this post updated with more information as it becomes available to us.

18:44 UTC - If a web store uses the XM Symphony Client service to sync data to the web store, it is not affected by this issue.

14:14 UTC - A fix for this issue has been identified and is currently undergoing testing - this is being tracked under ticket PDECOM-1796. Our aim is to release this fix within the next few days.

03:34 UTC - Our systems and development teams are investigating issues with row deletions, which is affecting a number of web store tables. Currently, we know that at least order lines (table SORDERQ for X3 web stores) and transaction history (table GACCUDATE for X3 web stores) are not being deleted when SQL Server change tracking reports a deletion in those tables. Other tables may be affected, for both Sage X3 and Sage 300 web stores.

To mitigate this issue in the short term, please contact our Customer Success team via support[@] Customer Success can reload affected tables to ensure data integrity.

Resolution of this issue is pending further investigation from our systems and development teams and will be communicated in this post as soon as additional information becomes available.