Platform Issues in North America During Amazon Web Services Outage

At 15:19 UTC, we became aware of an issue affecting elements of our service at Amazon Web Services. This issue affected internet connectivity in regions US-WEST-1 and US-WEST-2.

Amazon Web Services resolved the issue at 16:10 UTC. For additional information, please visit their status page.

commercebuild web stores in North America may have been impacted by this service outage. Web stores in other regions, such as Europe or Australia, would not have been impacted by these issues.

Email Deliverability

While the vast majority of commercebuild server infrastructure is hosted at Google Cloud Platform (GCP), our mail server -- which generates email order confirmations, password reset emails, etc. -- remains hosted at Amazon Web Services. Consequently, during the outage period, emails would have failed to send.

Under Reports > Notifications, web stores can see if they were affected by this issue by typing "Email failed to send". This will return information about the email, such as the type of email as well as the recipient.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to resend these emails as they are not queued.

In the near future, commercebuild will change our email services provider.

ERP Doc Sync

If a web store utilizes ERP Doc Sync, users may have experienced 404 pages when navigating certain pages of the web store. The Amazon S3 bucket used would need to be located in either US-WEST-1 or US-WEST-2 for issues to have occurred.

Errors would be logged under Reports > Notifications. If the web store experienced the error, entries for "Please Configure External Storage Document" would appear.

The reason a user would have experienced 404 pages is due to the request to Amazon S3 timing out on the page that was being loaded, such as the Order History page. As the request timed out, it appears that the web store halted execution of the remaining code and returned a 404.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to, and we will be glad to assist you.