Release 4.20.0

Version 4.20.0 will be released in the coming days based on data center region.

  • Australia region: August 24 (early morning hours)
  • EU and North America regions: August 31 at @ 02:00 UTC

There were 22 improvements and fixes in this release. If your site was affected by a bug that has been fixed in this release, we will contact you directly, if we have not done so already.

New features and fixes include:

  • Fixed Braintree total amounts processed
  • Fixed Backorder ETA on cart page plus provided extra option of choosing earliest/latest possible date
  • Increased auto order history period to 120 months
  • Enabled exceed quantity message for B2C Fixed Variant exports/Import issue and progress issue on multiple exports option
  • Fixed B2B/B2C Tax and shipping label issue
  • Fixed CDN Imaging 404 issue
  • Fixed 11 other misc issues

Please note that this is not a final list, as some other fixes may be hot fixed into the production release.

If you have any questions, please reach out to, and we’ll be happy to get them answered! 🚀