Paya Service Issues

22:26 UTC: Paya has reported that they're experiencing downtime due to an issue at Amazon Web Services.

11/25 4:00 pm -There is an ongoing problem at Amazon Web Services which is impacting several areas of the internet, including connectivity to Paya's gateway. We have seen a few brief instances of a drop in volume, which are a result of this issue. We've conducted a thorough investigation of our systems, and we are online and receiving transactions. Users may continue to experience connectivity failures until such time as AWS is fully restored.

11/25 3:00 pm -One of our vendors is experiencing a prolonged service disruption, which is having the impact of causing some connections to Paya Gateway to fail. This has the potential to disrupt payment processing through Virtual Terminal, Paya Exchange, and any of our integrated partners' solutions. We are working closely with our vendor to restore service to normal as quickly as possible.

For additional information, please visit Paya Support's status page.