Upgrading Sage vs. Migrating Sage to a New Server

When it comes to managing Sage software, businesses might find themselves in a situation where they need to either upgrade their current Sage installation or migrate Sage to a new server. Each process involves distinct steps and considerations. Sage Upgrade Upgrading Sage is generally straightforward. The key to a smooth upgrade is ensuring certain services […]

How to Check commercebuild Payments Version

To check the version of commercebuild Payments that your system is running, click the Start button, type “Add or remove programs” and then click the match that appears: Once the window opens, filter the applications by “commercebuild Payments”: Current Versions Your system is up-to-date if you have the following versions installed: commercebuild Payments V2.0.0 commercebuild […]

Manually posting an order

On occasion you might find that an order fails to post to Sage due to certain issues in the order details. Typically these issues are special characters that need to be removed prior to posting. Other times it might be that required information is missing. This data cannot be modified in the web store admin […]