Release 4.87

The commercebuild platform will be upgraded to 4.87 in our Australia region on April 30, at 20:00 UTC, May 01 at 06:00 Melbourne time.

4.87 will be released to our North America and Europe regions May 01 at 19:00 Eastern time, May 02 at 00:00 UTC.

Web stores that were affected by any issues fixed in 4.87 will be updated in the corresponding tickets/conversations.

This is a list of issues that are to be resolved:

  • Align with the create address behaviour between Address Book page and Checkout page
    • Intercom: 161933000064031
    • Internal: PDECOM-3431
  • Tax Not Assessed Correctly on Order
    • Intercom: 161933000063047
    • Internal: XMECOM-10501

New Features

Blog articles per page
Control the number of blog articles seen per page by going to "Content Management → Blog → Blog Meta". Internal ticket UN-1715.

Assign Multiple A/R Customer Codes To Single Users Via Import
You can now assign multiple A/R customers to a single web store user via import by comma separating the codes. Internal ticket UN-1725.

Support For Responsive Mega Menu to 2nd Level Categories
Internal ticket UN-1703.