Release 4.84

The commercebuild platform will be upgraded to 4.84 in our Australia region on March 12, at 20:00 UTC, March 13 at 06:00 Melbourne time.

4.84 will be released to our North America and Europe regions March 18 at 19:00 Eastern time, March 19 at 00:00 UTC.

Web stores that were affected by any issues fixed in 4.84 will be updated in the corresponding tickets/conversations.

This is a list of issues that are to be resolved:

  • Specific User Group Unable To Reset Password: Sorry, we can not find your email address.
    • Intercom: 161933000061064
    • Internal: XMECOM-10450
  • Payments Amounts Do Not Reflect Correct Amount Paid
    • Intercom: 161933000059342
    • Internal: XMECOM-10400
  • Order confirmation emails: Display items with different product comments on separate lines
    • Intercom: 161933000061887
    • Internal: XMECOM-10483
  • Order Amount Preauth Improperly Rounded
    • Intercom: 161933000061971
    • Internal: XMECOM-10484

New Feature: Clone custom pages

You can now duplicate custom pages for faster implementation of content. Simply press the "Copy" icon, and select the "Clone" option.

New Feature: Display of Split Taxes

Split taxes are now displayed at checkout, and on the confirmation page and email notification.