Release 4.59.0

The commercebuild platform will be upgraded to 4.59.0 in our Australia region March 15, at 18:00 UTC, i.e. March 20 at 05:00 Melbourne time.

4.59.0 will be released to our North America and Europe regions March 28 at 00:00 UTC, i.e. March 27 at 19:00 Eastern time.

Web stores that were affected by any issues fixed in 4.59.0 will be updated in the corresponding tickets/conversations.

This is a list of issues that are to be resolved:

  • Reindex required to update product page pricing when switching users
    • Intercom: 161933000043498, 161933000043955
    • Internal: XMECOM-9949
  • Some store sitemap URLs contain an extra slash in the URL
    • Intercom: 161933000032187, 161933000042780
    • Internal: XMECOM-9470
  • Custom URLs Deleted After Product Meta Import
    • Intercom: 161933000035449
    • Internal: XMECOM-9605
  • Items in Saved Cart Do Not Consolidate
    • Intercom: 161933000039299
    • Internal: XMECOM-9849
  • Remove Double Slashes from Add to Compare and Add to Favourites URLs
    • Intercom: 161933000042671, 161933000041964
    • Internal: XMECOM-9915

Key Improvements

  • The Quick Order page now supports the content grid and is more customizable.
  • The Splash page now supports the content grid.