Issues with Database Server

01:05 UTC - This issue has been identified as the same one posted here: Updates will be shared in that post.

00:12 UTC – We are aware of an issue with a single database server in our North America region that could be affecting performance of a segment of web stores hosted on our platform. These web stores are affected:

  • https://www.mtea**.com/
  • https://www.foodsu***.ca/
  • https://stor****
  • https://www.mcge*******
  • https://comm******
  • https://d***r.nas****
  • https://www.pfs******
  • https://www.trist******
  • https://www.w*****

If your web store does not appear on the list above, then you are not impacted by this issue.

We are investigating the matter and will update this post with additional information as soon as we have it.