Release 4.40.0

The commercebuild platform will be upgraded to 4.40.0 in our Australia region on June 08 at 20:00 UTC, i.e. June 09 at 06:00 Melbourne time.

4.40.0 will be released to our North America and Europe regions June 14 at 02:00 UTC, i.e. June 13 at 22:00 Eastern.

Web stores that were affected by any issues fixed in 4.40.0 will be updated in the corresponding tickets/conversations.

This is a list of issues that are to be resolved:

  • "Lock LanPak" Not Functioning As Expected in Symphony Client
    • Intercom Ticket #: 161933000024887, Internal: XMECOM-9200
  • Extra space on content grid after prod release V4.37
    • Intercom Ticket #: 161933000027249, 161933000027238, 161933000027643 Internal: XMECOM-9322

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