Admin > Catalog > Product Settings > Custom Fields


Custom fields allow you to create various types of fields for display on product's page. This can be a manual entry or can be mapped to an optional field (or custom field) in the ERP system. This allows you to create additional formatted information for your products and allows for data inside of your ERP system to be extended to the web and avoid the need for entering product data twice.

To create a new custom field click Add New Custom Field and enter the following:

  • Title
    • This is the title of the custom field
  • Description
    • This is the description of the custom field
  • Field Type
    • Text Box
      • Small text area
    • Text Area
      • Large text area
    • Checkbox
      • Displays a checkmark if ticked
    • Pre Order
    • Inclusion/Exclusion
      • A/R customers
      • A/R customer groups
      • Webstore user groups
      • A/R customer statistical groups SAGE X3
    • Minimum Order Quantity
      • Minimum order quantity required
    • Maximum Order Quantity
      • Maximum order quantity allowed
    • Allocation Quantity SAGE X3
      • Allocation restrictions allow for allocation purchase restrictions for specific ship-to locations so that quantities may be distributed equally between customers
    • Allocation Rotation (Days) SAGE X3
    • Allocation Start Date / Time SAGE X3
    • Secure Item SAGE X3
      • If enabled, a pop-up will prompt the customer to enter the respective mapped field containing a security/release code
    • Release Date
      • Displays the entered date on the product page
      • If Split Order is enabled, the product with a release date set in the future will be added to the split order

To enable a custom field for a product, navigate to Admin > Catalog > Products, edit the respective product, navigate to the General tab and go to Custom Fields and set the options accordingly.